Xtreme Cage Wars MMA PD & FD #6 Fight Results

Xtreme Cage Wars MMA PD & FD #6
Police & Firefights Cage Fights
Written by J.R. Gordon at www.MMABuzz.com

Main Event: Randy Caruso vs. Josh Eaton for the Xtreme Cage Wars 155 lb. title. Almost immediately Caruso dropped Eaton with a left hook which he followed with a flurry of GNP. Eaton showed solid defense and the referee stood the fighters when the action slowed. Quickly Caruso closed the distance and Eaton jumped guard and the round ended with Caruso working GNP from the top. Round two went to the mat early with Caruso working GNP from side control including a good series of knees to the body. The action slowed and the referee brought the fighters to standing. From the feet Caruso slipped throwing a head kick and Eaton closed in. From the bottom Caruso ensnared a leg and brought Eaton down to close off the heel hook. The title winning tapout came at 2:42 of round two.

Paul Bolte vs. Chad Snyder for the Xtreme Cage Wars 205 lb. title. Both fighters landed stiff punches before Snyder landed a leg kick that dropped Bolte. The rest of the round played out with Bolte trying for a knee bar while Snyder defended and landed GNP. Round two had Snyder landing multiple hard leg kicks while Bolte favored punches before Snyder got a takedown off of the clinch. On the ground Snyder spent the remainder of the round working strikes from inside the guard of Bolte. Round three began with solid punches from both until they entered the clinch against the cage. Snyder dropped levels and drove forward for a takedown. Bolte defended and worked GNP until the referee stopped the action so Snyder’s mouthpiece could be replaced. When the action resumed Snyder again shot for a takedown that Bolte defended. From a deep sprawl Bolte closed the round working GNP. The scorecards were read and the Xtreme Cage Wars 205 lb. title winner by split decision was Chad Snyder.

Jason Burton vs. Paul Galloway. Galloway opened with a jumping spinning back kick then the fighters worked punches before Burton initiated a takedown. Galloway landed on top and worked GNP until he was swept. The fighters went to standing briefly before once again hitting the mat where Burton worked until the end of the round for a heel hook. Round two began with Burton missing with a head kick then getting a takedown off of the clinch. On the ground Burton immediately took full mount and flurried with GNP to get the TKO at 1:07 of round one.

Joer Lopez vs. Jerrat Mahoney. The fighters threw hard strikes to open then it went to the mat. On the ground Lopez flurried with strikes from top position but when Lopez stood Mahoney scored an upkick that dropped Lopez. Mahoney closed in for GNP and when Lopez tried to scramble to improve his position Mahoney took back control then set in the fight winning armbar to get the tapout at 1:42.

Aaron Coorough vs. Matt Truman. Hard punches from both fighters started the bout. Off of the clinch Coorough got a takedown and worked some GNP until Truman got back to his feet. On the feet they traded hard again both in and out of the clinch and on and off of the cage. To end the round Truman scored a takedown and worked GNP. Round two began with Coorough getting a takedown off of a trapped kick. On the mat both fighters worked hard strikes until Coorough got a bodylock takedown to set up an RNC attempt. Truman escaped the choke and the fighters worked GNP and positions to end the round. Round three had Truman landing punches that visibly hurt, then dropped Coorough. On the ground Truman worked GNP before getting swept. Truman threw up a triangle attempt but Coorough passed guard, took side control, then mount and worked a solid flurry of GNP to end the fight. The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Matt Truman.

Scott Weber vs. Steve Evans in an exhibition grappling match. Evans got the takedown but was swept by Weber. Weber took full mount but was reversed. Weber went for a triangle choke but missed and the rest of the round had Evans on top looking to improve position. Round two had Evans scoring the takedown but getting reversed. From the top Weber worked for submissions but lost position going for a triangle. From the bottom Weber tried for an omoplata but Evans escaped and ended the round on top. Round three had Weber pressing Evans against the cage for most of the round. Evans drove forward for a takedown but Weber sprawled and took back control then mount to end the match. As it was an exhibition match both grapplers had their hands raised at the bell.

Chris Curry vs. Tony Hiser. The fighters spent all round working even punch exchanges with the exception of two leg kicks thrown by Hiser, one of which halted the action due to striking the groin. Round two had punches early then it went to the mat when Curry caught a kick and pushed his opponent down. Curry let Hiser back up and Hiser landed strikes that dropped Curry. On the ground Hiser followed with GNP to get the TKO win at 1:05 of round two.

Roman McNeil vs. Isaac Johnson. The fighters traded from a distance until McNeil scored a takedown. Johnson got a sweep and worked GNP until McNeil cage walked back to standing. McNeil set in a guillotine but Johnson took him down, escaped and worked GNP to end the round. Round two had a long feeling out process before it hit the mat and Johnson worked GNP. McNeil again cage walked to his feet and scored a takedown but Johnson scrambled to back control to set in the fight winning RNC at 2:42 of round two.

Derek Coorough vs. Garret Irons. The fighters came out to trade strikes and Coorough landed several shots that staggered Irons before he got a takedown. On the ground Coorough worked GNP before the fighters scrambled back to standing. Coorough got a taken down but spent the rest of the round working to defend a guillotine choke. Round two had very fast and hard tot-to-toe exchanges with each able to hurt the other before Coorough got a takedown. On the ground Coorough worked for GNP and the fight was stopped when Irons was unable to continue after the referee stopped the action due to an accidental back of the head punch. Coorough got the TKO win at 1:37 of round one.

Chris Rosenberg vs. Benjamin Sutton. Sutton got an almost immediate takedown but Rosenberg was able to sweep him, pass to mount and work not-stop GNP to get the TKO win at 1:33 of round one.

“Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to Randy Caruso for his fight ending title winning heel hook.

KO/TKO of the night goes to Jason Burton for his second round fight winning GNP TKO.

Fight of the night goes to Aaron Coorough and Matt Truman for their back and forth fast paced three round very close fight.

Thanks to all of the sponsors for making the event possible.
Best in Health and Training,
J.R. Gordon

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