XCW “Redemption” Results

Xtreme Cage Wars held their fourth event, “Redemption” at Red and Jerry’s event center in Sheridan Colorado August 13, 2010.  Unfortunately the Friday the 13th curse plagued the show as injuries were responsible for the cancellation of the planned four man tournament.  The fans in attendance got treated to six fights including the main event, an professional bout for the Xtreme Cage Wars 155 lb.  professional title.

Main event: Steve Graneri vs Mike Aragon for the Xtreme Cage Wars 155 lb. professional title.  Graneri closed in to get the clinch off of the cage, from there he changed levels, scored a big scoop slam and used his GNP to set up the fight winning head and arm triangle submission at 1:13 of round one.

Steve Johnson vs Corey Montez.  Johnson opened with a punch that pushed Montez backward and Johnson followed with a head kick that landed solid and knocked down Montez.  Johnson followed with 3-4 GNP strikes to earn the TKO victory at :11 of round one.

Terry Bergl vs Beau Reichert.  The fighters clinched early and from off of the cage Bergl was able to get a takedown.  From the top Bergl continuously worked between striking and scrambling to improve position. After transitioning to side control Bergl put together a flurry of strikes to earn the TKO victory at 2:49 of round one.

Steven Evans vs Tony Hiser.  Evans came out with an immediate flurry that stunned, then knocked down Hiser.  Evans followed with fast GNP to score the TKO win at :08 of round done.

Anthony Velasquez vs Justin Hass.  Velasquez opened with a flying side kick that landed well then the fighters scrambled for a takedown and Velasquez landed on top and escaped a guillotine choke from Hass.  From the top Velasquez worked GNP until the fighters again scrambled to standing.  Again Velasquez used head control to set up a takedown and work GNP while Hass worked to escape until the round ended.  Round two opened with a back and forth striking exchange until Hass got a takedown.  Velasquez scrambled to standing but Hass again got a takedown and improved his position into full mount.  From the bottom Hass began signaling and talking to the referee and timeout was called.  One point was taken from Velasquez for the rules infraction of biting.  The bout restarted and the fighters both threw hard punches and kicks.  Velasquez was able to stagger Hass and when he turned his back the referee stopped the bout and Anthony Velasquez got the TKO win at 2:51 of round two.

Brian Bean vs Jose Camacho.  Round one was all Muay Thai action with both fighters landing very solid knees while clinched and Camacho throwing occasional punches that landed well.  Round two was almost an exact replay of round one with both fighters continuing to favor strikes while clinched.  When it was time to start the third round one fighter was medically unable to continue and the other had sustained an injury preventing him from continuing so the bout was ruled a no contest.

“of The Night” moments.

Heart(s) of the night goes to Brain Bean and Jose Camacho for standing trading strikes blow for blow for two rounds in the Thai clinch with neither willing to back down from the other.

Slam of the night goes to Steve Graneri for his big scoop slam early in his title winning bout.

Submission of the night goes to Steve Graneri for his title winning head and arm triangle choke.

KO/TKO goes to Steven Evans for his punch flurry that got him the TKO win at :08 of round one.  Honorable mention goes to Steve Johnson for his solid head kick that set up his eleven second GNP TKO win.

Fight of the night goes to Brian Bean and Jose Camacho for their two rounds showcasing the toughness.  heart and Muay Thai skills of both.

Thanks to all of the sponsors for making the event possible.

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Best in Health and Training,
J.R. Gordon.


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