Police vs Firefighters II

Friday night April 30, 2010 fight fans filled Red and Jerry’s event center for the Extreme Cage Wars, “Police vs Firefighters II” show.  Throughout the night the crowd showed their appreciation for the combatants that put their health and safety on the line daily in their jobs, then put in the time to be competitive in the cage.  The evening had eight bouts including two title matches.  All of the bouts were in the elimination division.  Special guest of honor was Russ Andrews, a station 19 firefighter who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to Mr. Andrews to aid paying his medical expenses.

Main event: Jesse Tapsfield vs John Helwick for the Xtreme Cage wars 185 lb. title.  Helwick got a fast takedown and transitioned to mount, but Tapsfield scored a reversal and worked GNP while Helwick tried for a head and arm triangle choke off of his back.  The action slowed and the referee stood the fighters and Tapsfield got a takedown and worked GNP to end the round.  Round two  saw Tapsfield get a takedown out of the clinch.  On the mat he worked all round to control position while throwing strikes.  Round three had Helwick showing early aggression with his strikes to set up a takedown.  Helwick was able to stuff Tapsfield into the cage and almost all round he flurried with hard strikes from the top.  Tapsfield defended the strikes but with 10 seconds left Helwick got side control and set in a tight Kimura that was defended until the bell ended the round.  The scorecards were totaled from the judges and the win and the title went to Jesse Tapsfield.

Aaron Coorough vs Graham Dunne for the Xtreme Cage Wars 185 lb. title.  Dunne opened with hard leg kicks until Coorough scored a takedown to set up his GNP which he used to improve position.  From the top Coorough flurried with GNP in order to get the title winning TKO at 2:13 of round one.

Brett Titus vs Randy Caruso.  Caruso got an immediate takedown and worked GNP late into the round.  The referee stood the fighters when the action slowed and Caruso knocked Titus down with a hook and scored two solid strikes on the mat before the bell ended the round.  Round two had Caruso score an early takedown but the action slowed and the referee stood the fighters.  Both fighters landed strikes  then Caruso got a takedown  and transitioned to mount to begin his GNP attack.  Titus got a backdoor escape, but Caruso set in a triangle choke.  Titus showed good defense and was able to avoid being submitted and the bell ended the round.  Round three began with a takedown from Caruso, then a referee standup when the action slowed.  Titus used his jab to good effect until Caruso again got a takedown and the round ended with Caruso landing body shots from the top while Titus tried to escape.  The scorecards determined the winner and it was an unanimous decision victory for Randy Caruso.

Michael Giltner vs Jason Randleman.  Randleman used his punches to set up  a takedown and on the ground he took back control and tried for a RNC.  Giltner defended the choke and worked his way back to standing.  Each fighter landed good strikes before it went to the mat again where Randleman landed solid GNP but Giltner again got to his feet and the fighters clinched to end the round.  Round two had Randleman score a fast takedown and on the ground he controlled position, mostly with back control and worked GNP for most of the round.  Giltner was able to again get back to standing and the round ended with Randleman defending a takedown.  Round three saw hard strikes landed by both fighters until Randleman got a takedown off of the cage.  On the mat he employed his strongest GNP of the night in order to get a TKO victory at 1:45 of round three.

Bryan Adair vs Britt Jesperson.  Adair landed solid punches, kicks and knees to open the round.  Midway through the round Jesperson got standing head control and he was able to keep it and land knee strikes and body punches until the round ended.  Round two saw both striking hard early but the action was stopped and the referee took a point from Adair for an illegal knee to the head.  After restarting Jesperson was able to rock Adair and Adair initiated the clinch.  From there Jesperson scored a hip toss takedown into side control to end the round.  Round three had both fighters striking with aggression early then Adair tried for a takedown but Jesperson sprawled, then drove forward to end in side control.  The referee stood the fighters when the action slowed and  Adair tried for another takedown but Jesperson ended in side control and flurried with GNP to end the bout.  The scorecards were totaled and the winner by unanimous decision was Britt Jesperson.

John Nunley vs Mario Suazo.  Nunley got a fast slam takedown into side control, then mount but Suazo escaped to standing and Nunley immediately got another takedown, and again Suazo was able to stand.  Suazo landed a solid body kick but Nunley was able to end the round with a takedown.  Round two had Nunley using his punches to set up a takedown and work GNP until the referee stood the fighters when the action slowed.  Nunley again used his striking to set up a takedown and on the mat he controlled position and worked GNP to end the round.  Round three opened with Nunley getting a huge bodylock slam but Suazo escaped and scrambled to standing.  On the feet Nunley landed a solid right hook and Suazo countered with a head kick.  The kick landed well, but Nunley trapped it and used it for a takedown.  The referee restarted the fighters when the action slowed and  Nunley threw an up kick after going to the mat, but Suazo was grounded so the action stopped for Suazo to recover.  After restarting Nunley got a sweep takedown and worked GNP while Suazo threatened with an armbar to end the bout.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was John Nunley.

Preston Decker vs Steve Evans.  Evans immediately initiated the clinch and used it to set up a guillotine choke.  Evans dropped to the mat and attained half-guard guard  and Decker worked body punches until Evans got the choke closed off for the win at :13 of round one.

Kenneth Jefferson vs Dominic Moya.  The fighters immediately entered a striking exchange  and Jefferson flurried with punches to push Moya across the canvas into the cage.  Jefferson then dropped Moya with punches and flurried with GNP to get the TKO win at :32 of round one.

“Of the night” moments:

Takedown of the night goes to John Nunley for his huge bodylock slam to open the third round of his bout.

Submission of the night goes to Steve Evans for his :13 fight winning guillotine.

KO/TKO of the night goes to Kenneth Jefferson for his GNP TKO victory at :32 of round one.

Fight of the night goes to Jesse Tapsfield and John Helwick for their back and forth title battle that went all three round showcasing the all around MMA skills of both fighters.

In the end the Police earned bragging rights with five victories while the Firefighters had three.

Thanks to the sponsors for making the event possible.

Be sure to check the site calendar for upcoming events.

Best in Health and Training, J. R. Gordon.


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